Welcome to Not Just Another Mom. I am Jennifer and I am a Mom of two children- a boy and a girl. My purpose of this blog is mainly to express my opinions about things I’ve tried or about my interests.  I don’t expect you to agree with everything I post, because truly everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. I firmly believe that no one is Just Another Mom.  Each individual has their own way of raising kids and living their lives…

As far as my crafting goes, I like to try all kinds.  I’ve crocheted, scrapbooked, drawn, but my main passions thus far are quilling and digital art. I have since opened an Etsy shop at http://www.quillingfun.etsy.com if you are interested in purchasing my quilled items.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to peruse into my head for awhile, hop on in and enjoy!


(Quilling Fun)



  1. Hi Jennifer. I love your blog! It is an inspiration to me, as I am also a mom who is really into quilling! I’m still a newbie at quilling, but I love it and it has quickly become a passion for me. Your projects are great! Thanks for sharing them.

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