Quilled Leaf Tutorial

I just thought I’d share a tutorial for a simple leaf concept that just uses the marquis shape.

To make it exactly like mine, you will need the following:

1- 12″ Army Green Marquise

2- 8 1/2″ Light Green Marquise

2- 8 1/2″ Dark Green Marquise

1 Dark Green strip to wrap and finish the leaf.

Roll each strip into a coil all into the same size. I use a sizing board to make sure they are the same size in diameter.

Then pinch each end to make the Marquise shape.

Take the army green Marquise and attach a light green marquise to each side as shown.

Attach a dark green marquise to each side of the light green as shown.

Pinch the top to form a pointed end. Take a dark green strip and wrap twice around the entire piece starting from the bottom while keeping the leaf loosely pinched in the shape you would like. Once you’ve wrapped it twice, pinch to shape the point to how you want it.

I used three of these to create a larger leaf.

You can do these in a multitude of shades of green to give it a more realistic look if you are working on a floral arrangement or you can use all the same shade of green. It’s a matter of preference. Remember, less glue is more! If you use too much you will get glue boogers all over your leaf.

Doesn’t that look attractive? Yeah, no! If you find you’re getting a lot of glue on your fingers or glue bottle, just keep a damp cloth or baby wipe to clean them periodically. Then your leaves won’t look like that….


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