The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry

I received a copy of Ann Martin’s “The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry” last week and was finally able to sit down and make the gorgeous necklace on the front cover. Her article and where the book can be purchased is found here.

Her book features information about the tools needed, how to make the various shapes used, and clearly written directions.

Again, I chose to make the necklace featured on the front cover. I followed the directions exactly as written. My finished necklace was not exactly like hers, but people’s quilled coils tend to vary due to pressure and tension when rolling. I also didn’t have a 1/4″ dowel, so I improvised with a ball point pen barrel of the required size. After it dried, I lightly sprayed it with Krylon’s UV- Resistant Clear Cloating to protect it from dust, make it a little more waterproof, and more sturdy.

Ann’s design using the gilded paper turns out beautiful and classy!


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