Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food

My poor plants haven't been growing very much over the last few years and the leaves were so dull in color. I happened upon this plant food and bought it on the spur of the moment. Oh my goodness! In a week my plants leaves are darker in color and the height of the new growth is amazing to see. I can't wait to see after a month how they change….

Do you have any tips on helping indoor plants stay healthy and beautiful?


One comment

  1. I naturally love plants. I tend a little garden of edible plants too and even wrote a post about it. It’s actually a pleasure watching the plants grow.

    I think what makes them grow better (indoor or outdoor plants) are still the basics; a good amount of sunshine, a fertile soil (which you can boost with a little manure), adequate water. You may also try to keep the pests away too😉.

    But all in all, I hope your plants do pretty good. Will love to see them again.💯😉. Do have a great day.


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