Painting on the Procreate App

I was lucky enough to be able to get an Apple Pencil for Christmas and downloaded the Procreate App for art. In this app, you have a numerous amount of tools for drawing, sketching, and even painting. I played around yesterday and painted a simple beach scene. I used a combination of brushes ( oil and round ) and just kept playing around until I was happy with the outcome. I then searched for a quote to apply to it and used the Enlight App to paste it onto the picture. I love the end result…not too bad for a first painting! ☺️

Here it is with the quote and edited using the Enlight app…

I then painted this football of course with an “A” for Alabama Crimson Tide…

Have you played around with digital painting? I’d love to hear advice and see examples…



  1. I’m a newbie too, only since nov2016! See my Fantasia Painter category on my blog for examples. It’s huge fun. 😍 I like both your efforts. The beach scene gives me a sense of summer. Very nice. I can’t give any advice other than to just keep playing and exploring! Cheers, Janina

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