Painted Princess

My painted princess is of the canine variety. I’m sure you were expecting a Disney princess, but mine is of the black lab/greyhound variety. 

One day, I was able to capture the sweetest picture of her while she was resting on the couch beside me. I very rarely get good pics of her as she is so dark and her features are hard to discern. Plus I’m not that great of a photographer….lol. 

This morning, I wanted to play around and see if I could paint her on the Procreate App and somehow capture her features. Here is the result of my attempts. 

I’ve also attached a video, of how I painted her in time lapse.

I would love some feedback ☺️



  1. This is a great drawing. Close observation – drawing what you “see” is the key to learning drawing skills. A point I always stress when I’ve taught drawing. This applies, whether drawing on paper or an iPad – with bit of imagination and whimsy, thrown in the mix – on occasions. I’m really enjoying my adventures in iPad art, and sometimes mixing it with my traditional media. “Procreate” is quite an amazing art app – along with a few others that I use. I was just tweaking a few things on my blog (on a break till the end of Feb) when I saw your “likes” – thanks. Enjoyed seeing all your lovely work on my visit here. All the best, Janette

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    • Thank you so much for visiting and your kind words! Especially since you’re officially on break. 😊. My focus for this year is to practice on my original art so that I can apply that to my paper art. I feel like I am lacking in the ability of getting my ideas to go down from my very vivid imagination. I used to be very good at drawing and shading when I was in junior high (I won’t say how long ago that was. 😩) and since I haven’t used it, lost it. Best of relaxation and art to you during your break!

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