OXO Barista 9 Cup Coffeemaker 

I was selected by @Influenster to try and review the OXO Barista 9 cup coffeemaker. What a nice looking appliance and smooth operator! 

It is a sleek, contemporary design with a backlit LED Intereface and stainless steel accents. The water reservoir is see through which I like for two reasons: very cool to watch while making coffee at 5:30 in the morning and you can see when it needs to be cleaned (which is nice with Florida water). 

It is very quiet through the process of making 9 cups and takes approximately 7 minutes to finish.  It brews straight into a stainless steel carafe using a tube to disperse the coffee evenly and keeps the coffee nice and warm even after the coffeemaker turns off.  

Additional features are a timer that lets you know how long since it was brewed, a timer to brew before you wake, easy push button/dial to start, and a quiet brew.

Overall it makes a grand statement in design and a great cup of coffee as well. 

*I received this product free for testing and review, but all opinions are my own. #OXOisOn #Ad #Influenster


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