Ultra Fine Needle Quilling Tool

After quilling for 4 years now, I have come to learn various tips and tricks for working with paper. How to make it work for various projects, but I had never been satisfied with my first slotted quilling tool I use. When I first started quilling, I bought the Klutz – Twirled Paper book which came with a tool and paper. Awesome for starters, but in the center of every coil I had this darn piece where it has a fold when you start rolling! 

I’ve become more aware of this and have always tried to take time to fix them before I glue it down for a project, but it just takes away time I could be doing something else (creating, cooking, laundry, taxiing kids around).

Also, once I fix the folded piece, then I typically have a whole in the middle of my coil and I don’t like that either! 

 I never thought about using a different tool! 

I just ordered a new tool called the ultra fine slotted needle tool. Wow- what a difference! 

Check out that! Now if you’re still not seeing a difference, here’s a picture comparing the two. 

I didn’t know there would be such a dramatic difference, but here is another picture showing a comparison in coils after rolling…

The ultra fine tool has a smaller center without the piece sticking out in the center.  Happy Quilling ☺️


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