Musical Release

When I was in elementary school, ( I think 6th grade) I remember I had to write about a certain topic. I don’t recall exactly what is was, but I vividly remember that I chose to write about what playing the piano meant to me. At that age it was my passion. My soul purpose in life.  I wanted to be the greatest pianist of all time. Who knew that my memory was going to be so horrible that it wouldn’t play out? Regardless, I wrote that day of how music made me feel.  If I was sad, I would play pieces that were flowing and soothing. Angry? Well then I would pound out Beethoven’s 5th or Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement

What do you do as an emotional release? Another thing I do is my crafting and quilling… They’re relaxing and quiet.



  1. Thats really nice….emotional release in a constructive way is my idea of dealing with things too…i love to paint, do some art and craft project, clean up a cupboard, cook something new, and write down my thoughts, read a light-hearted fiction, or dance to good music….:)

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