Nescafé Coffee with Creamer

I loooove getting to try out products before I buy!  There have been so many times I’ve bought something only to suffer through either eating it (yuck!) or having it lay around the house gathering dust because I didn’t like it after I bought it.  I am a member of Smiley360 and today I received a goody box of Nescafé 2-in-1 coffee and creamer.
When I usually drink coffee, I like to mix in flavored creamers and some milk.  Soooo good!  This is instant coffee with Coffee Mate creamer mixed in.  It wasn’t too bad.  I had to add a little extra to make it creamier, but talk about a fast cup of joe!  If you’re looking for a quick cuppa, don’t hesitate to try Nescafé.  It’s not like the real thing, but it would work to make a fast cup of coffee.
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