♫ ♪ Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree ♪♫

Here you can see how the paper is crimped…


So all these images keep coming to mind on what kind of quilling-inside-an-ornament I can fathom up now.  Hmmmm…..done this, what about this kind of thing!  Well, I’m having a lot of fun trying out different projects and seeing what and how I can fit things inside those tiny little openings on the DIY ornaments.  This time I was thinking hard about a Christmas tree and how I could put it together inside the ornament and how I could decorate it.  Well, here are some pictures of my thought process and how it came about.  Sincere thanks again to Charlotte Canup of The Art of Quilling of whom I purchased the pattern to make a snowflake inside an ornament.  She inspired me to go crazy with the desire to see what else I could try!

Here I am rolling it with the quilling tool.
Here I’ve shaped them into squares…
It really is put together inside this flat plastic ornament!!! This is not made with an ornament that is made of two halves…


So here is my Christmas tree….I even added artificial snow for the ground! Now if I can only settle down and finish my Christmas shopping  🙂


  1. Hey Jennifer, that was simply awesome. I have seen lot many embellishments and ornaments for the Christmas tree in this first Christmas in Canada, but yours' one stands out.. I really liked those square shapes. and btw, just for my info, where did you get this flat plastic from? Since shifting to Canada, I am hunting for my quilling and art supplies. I miss my art too…:(


  2. Thank you Deesha! I actually found them at several craft stores in varied shapes and sizes. I found round globed, flat round globes, and globes that came in halves. I found them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Jo-Ann's, and Wal-Mart craft stores. I prefer the flat round Fillable ornaments for building inside the ornament! I can't find them now after Christmas there, but I found some last few ones online. You can still find the ones that come in half online on Amazon.com.


  3. Thanks for visiting Susan! I checked out and enjoyed reading your blogs:). I have enjoyed quilling as of lately, but broke my pinky and had three different splints! 5 more weeks and I hope I'm back to normal 😉


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