Special ornaments for Special People

Sometimes you wonder how people manage to keep going through adversity. So many people have endured so much in these last few weeks and some in their lifetime! I can only imagine that it is faith, family, and hope that drives them to keep going. If you don’t have these things then life can get you down. Every day I thank God for my family, friends, and the opportunity to take in another day. Yesterday I stupidly locked my keys and phone in the truck as I filled up with gas. I kept thinking how stupid it was and how could I have done that? Then I also thought that it was so trivial compared to what others have to face on a daily basis. In honor of those who have dealt with breast cancer, I wanted to make them something special to remind them that they are here for another Christmas and they are very much loved! So here is an ornament to be placed on their tree to remind them of the hope of things to come. I used a plastic round ornament and carefully pushed the quilled ribbon inside. I did not put this together inside the ornament in small sections with tweezers like I did with some of the other ornaments.



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