It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I’ve been really busy lately with my sons and daughters extra curricular activities, so all my grand spectacular expectations of making lots of quilled ornaments just haven’t happened….as of yet. So far, I’ve made one following a pattern from Charlotte Canup and you can purchase the directions here:
That was my first attempt at a quilled ornament, then I proceeded to try another snowflake of my own! The next one I wanted to try something different so I tried a Christmas stocking. I purchased the plastic ornaments at Hobby Lobby and then found some at Walmart as well. They have big and small round ones and even flat big ones! I hope that now I can make a little more time to create some more! What do you think?

Stocking during the day
Stocking on tree with lights

Nightime view with lights
Daytime view


This is the snowflake that Charlotte Canup designed and you can purchase the pattern here:


This snowflake
is encased in a
large flat ornament instead of the typical round style…




  1. Hi, Jennifer,

    Your ornaments are AWESOME! You did just what I hoped my readers would do — take the idea and run with it. Love the Christmas stocking. It is so festive. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.


  2. Hi, Jennifer!
    These are fabulous! I thought it sounded like you had made more, so I went snooping! Somehow I missed this post! I'm happy I saw it now! Thanks for sharing these!…Nancy :o)


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