Hunter’s Assessment on Obama….and my reaction to the medias stance.

Today my son is home sick and as some of you know, he has an interesting perspective on just about everything.  Well, on the news was a brief about Romney’s campaign ad gone wrong. I could tell by looking at my son that he was thinking…HARD!  He turned to me and said, “Mom…I don’t like Obama.”  I responded, ” You don’t like him or his actions as the President?”  We also try to be correct with our words and polite. 
He replies,” Well, his actions…. you remember he spent 2 billion dollars on international projects and they all went wrong!”  What was I supposed to say?  He remembered an ad against Obama’s campaign that came on well over 3 monthes ago listing money that he had wasted in foreign projects. I of course had forgotten this ad and don’t really rely on campaign ads….
I replied that as Americans we have to not believe everything we see on television and that you have to investigate and dig to find out the real facts.  Much like the Trayvon vs. Zimmerman case.  The media today twists information so that we the public react the way they want us to react.  So many people don’t really know what happens unless they are close enough to the real story. Sad world indeed when we can’t rely on our own people to give facts straight out!
Keep in mind my son is only nine years old!  It’s tough being a responsible parent and adult!


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