Markham Woods Presbyterian Summer Day Camp

Okay- so this is Week One (Arts and Crafts). I must admit that my kids are having a blast. I mean really enjoying themselves and getting up and ready to go in the mornings. So far in the first two days they have made paper mache’ animals, an art journal for daily drawing, and plaster of paris masks. My son was bragging about his snake that he made and how he wants to paint it. My daughter created a horse! Imagine that…and today when they did the plaster of paris, they actually let the teachers put vaseline on first, then saran wrap, then the plaster strips. Can you believe MY son staying still long enough for the plaster to harden on his face no less??? He hasn’t stayed still that long in a long time. On Friday, they had an art show that displayed all of their hard work. Parents of the little ones and the older ones were amazed at how much they did this week. They have learned alot and I’m sure this will be an experience for them to remember! Congrats MWPC!


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