Can You Say Rain? Can You Say Pool Service??

Rain, Rain, Go Away, I won’t have to fill the pool today…
or tomorrow or maybe even the next month!

I can’t believe the amount of rain we’re getting here in Florida. A few weeks ago I was having to fill the pool with the hose once a week. Being a first time pool owner, I stupidly asked how I was supposed to fill up our pool. Of course, the pool guy said, “You know, with a hose…” Duh!

Well, today the pool is now past the concrete edge and we have had at least 4 in. the last two days. Okay, so now I know how to fill it, but what do I do get rid of the excess water? I know, duh! I’ll just let the kids show me their new tricks. i.e. cannonball, the pencil dive, etc. That will most certainly get the water out quickly enough.

I have learned so much about taking care of a pool these last two months. Unfortunately, not so much voluntarily as much as by force! Our old pool service decided it was too expensive to travel here in my area, so I had to pick a new company. Well, to say the least, I never!! I hope I never will again, either. I have seen our pool guy once the last two months. He declares he was here. Needless, to say after being out say $60 or so, we have managed to take care of the mustard algae that developed and the lack of chlorine. I was so ready to can the company yesterday when here came a new guy! I was much impressed by the fact that he actually cleaned the cartridge, the basket, vacuumed, tested the water, added more chlorine and told me he hoped that I would give him a chance to keep the pool up. He also put a card in the pool box to show me when he comes and what all he performed and checked that day.

Happy days are here again!!!! Hopefully….


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