Painted Princess

My painted princess is of the canine variety. I’m sure you were expecting a Disney princess, but mine is of the black lab/greyhound variety. 

One day, I was able to capture the sweetest picture of her while she was resting on the couch beside me. I very rarely get good pics of her as she is so dark and her features are hard to discern. Plus I’m not that great of a photographer….lol. 

This morning, I wanted to play around and see if I could paint her on the Procreate App and somehow capture her features. Here is the result of my attempts. 

I’ve also attached a video, of how I painted her in time lapse.

I would love some feedback ☺️

Painting on the Procreate App


I was lucky enough to be able to get an Apple Pencil for Christmas and downloaded the Procreate App for art. In this app, you have a numerous amount of tools for drawing, sketching, and even painting. I played around yesterday and painted a simple beach scene. I used a combination of brushes ( oil and round ) and just kept playing around until I was happy with the outcome. I then searched for a quote to apply to it and used the Enlight App to paste it onto the picture. I love the end result…not too bad for a first painting! ☺️

Here it is with the quote and edited using the Enlight app…

I then painted this football of course with an “A” for Alabama Crimson Tide…

Have you played around with digital painting? I’d love to hear advice and see examples…

Happy New Year!


Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year… I have been very busy visiting with my family the last two weeks. I love having time off to see everyone that lives far away. It’s always too busy and I don’t get to talk or see them throughout the year as much as I like. Now that everything is put away and cleaned up, (except for the tree) I have some time to play with my Christmas presents. 

I had played around quite a bit with an app called Amaziograph and had a stylus that came with my computer. It worked okay as you can see here, but it didn’t draw small lines very well. So I had less detail…

By Jennifer Stacey using Amaziograph App and a stylus
By Jennifer Stacey using Amaziograph App and a stylus
By Jennifer Stacey using Amaziograph App and a stylus

Now that I have the pencil, I tried drawing more designs and here is the result from it…

By Jennifer Stacey using Apple Ipencil and Amaziograph App
By Jennifer Stacey using Apple IPencil and Amaziograph App
By Jennifer Stacey using Apple Ipencil and Amaziograph App

Christmas Time is Near…


I was fortunate enough to earn enough points from a company for scanning my purchases to earn a gift card. As an early Christmas present for myself, I used it to purchase a heat embossing kit that included a heat gun, two embossing pens, and gold powder. Oh, my I can’t tell you how much fun it is to draw or write, sprinkle the magic powder, and then watch as it miraculously turns gold and shiny! 

I made an embossed card first and wrote Merry Christmas on green card stock using the clear embossing pen. Then I used the clear and the black embossing pens over the top of the flourishes. I then added the embossing powder and ran the heat gun over and viola! Instant glitzy card… 

Not too bad for a first try…. 

Then I decided to make my own Christmas cards for my friends and family. 

I used snowflake images from design space for my Cricut. The big one is Snowflake 11 and the little one is Snowflake 2 from the Holiday Snowflakes Cartridge and are all in Cricut access. There are like 50 different ones from that and they’re all layered from what I can tell. They’re intricate, but if you cut them on the custom setting card stock- intricate, they should cut out ok. The picture shows the layers…

I then used a Merry Christmas stamp and an embossing pen to write my sentiment with several different embossing powders to make as many variations as I could. 

I love the many different ways you can use the same elements to make cards! 

A Quilled Poinsettia Ornament


I decided on a whim to buy a styrofoam form while checking out our new Hobby Lobby store that just opened. I had wanted to make a quilled ornament ball for a while, but didn’t want to make just a regular ball. Here was the perfect solution! 

I started out by making my poinsettia first and pinning it onto the foam shape. Then I started with the gold edging around the side.

Once I had the edging and poinsettia in place, I could fill in with the white beehive technique.

Once I finished the first side, then I started the opposite side.

It took somewhere between 5-6 hrs to complete, but I must say well worth the time and experimentation to make!

Hope you enjoy!



October is Here…


I wanted to do some fall craft items and as I was looking around in my local craft store, I found these awesome wood cut outs on sale. I figured if I painted or stained them, I could fill them with quilling. 

So I did…

After staining and painting them, I then filled the blank spaces with quilling.


Aren’t they really neat? I love the way the turned out. It just gives a completely different look.

Happy Fall Y’all!

OXO Barista 9 Cup Coffeemaker 


I was selected by @Influenster to try and review the OXO Barista 9 cup coffeemaker. What a nice looking appliance and smooth operator! 

It is a sleek, contemporary design with a backlit LED Intereface and stainless steel accents. The water reservoir is see through which I like for two reasons: very cool to watch while making coffee at 5:30 in the morning and you can see when it needs to be cleaned (which is nice with Florida water). 

It is very quiet through the process of making 9 cups and takes approximately 7 minutes to finish.  It brews straight into a stainless steel carafe using a tube to disperse the coffee evenly and keeps the coffee nice and warm even after the coffeemaker turns off.  

Additional features are a timer that lets you know how long since it was brewed, a timer to brew before you wake, easy push button/dial to start, and a quiet brew.

Overall it makes a grand statement in design and a great cup of coffee as well. 

*I received this product free for testing and review, but all opinions are my own. #OXOisOn #Ad #Influenster

Flowers Everywhere!! 

I have seen people making paper flowers and I was so intrigued to how they were made.  I decided to remake an old wreath and love how it turned out! 

Here is the before pic…poor bird was so beat up! 

Here are the flowers I cut out with my Cricut and painstakingly put together…

And here is my newly updated wreath… I kept the greenery and replaced the bow and flowers. I had everything at home to make it including the perfectly matching bow!